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International Women’s Day 2021

The topic for this month’s meeting (coming up on Thursday, March 18th) honours today’s celebration of International Women’s Day. We’ll be gathering from 7-8:30pm CET (or thereabouts) via Zoom to share our recommendations of all things wordy around feminism and, as always, build a varied list of recommended reads (and things to listen to and watch). 

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There’s no shortage of feminist reading lists (like The New York Public Library’s Essential Reads on Feminism for Adults), so it might seem redundant creating another resource list on the topic. For me, the resource list isn’t the real purpose of getting together to discuss the glittering world of literature; it’s about building a community. 

Raison d’être

The Literati resource lists don’t aim to be totally comprehensive. Our aim is not to identify the best and brightest works on a theme; we come together to talk about our unique perspectives on all things wordy. We’re not building a syllabus; we’re sharing books, poetry, films, podcasts, etc. that have touched our lives. The Literati discussions uncover connections (both between works and participants) and expose us to different ways of thinking. They allow us to process what we’ve read, listened to, watched and discover how words have impacted others. 

Celebrate the wonder of words

As Jessa Crispin points out in an opinion piece for The Guardian, there “is no replacement for actual, physical, social encounter between humans to create a shared perspective.” Reading lists are not going to ‘solve’ misogyny or bring about gender equality, but coming together to talk about what we’ve read might help… and it certainly won’t hurt.

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