Stack of books wrapped with twinkle lights, topped with a jute bow

A flood of recommendations

There’s a great Icelandic word that expresses the glut of books published in the last months of the year: Jólabókaflóðið. It roughly translates as ‘the Christmas book flood’ and speaks to the Icelandic tradition of gifting books to loved ones—probably highly relatable to anyone who loves the written word!

Our gift to and from The Literati community is a flood of recommendations of books and other literary loveliness. Group members highlighted the titles below as ones that lodged in their brains in 2021, in the best possible way!

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Kismet, but wordier

Have you ever met someone whose literary taste align so perfectly with yours that it feels like fate brought you together? Their favourite books are already on your top ten list, their podcast recommendations tickle your fancy, your must-read authors are warmly welcomed on their to-read list.

That’s ‘litmet’ in action!

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Woman wearing a pink t-shirt with white printed text: Du respect, du temps, de l'argent

Not-so-radical notions

Notes from the March Literati Meeting

This Zoom call didn’t get off to a particularly light-hearted start. The impact of COVID (both on the fight for equality and my own mental state), breaking news about a murderous man in Atlanta ‘having a really bad day,’ ongoing reports of abuse, hashtag NotAllMen still being a thing, and all the other horrors of the world had me in a pessimistic state of mind. Then, Margaret Atwood (a perennial favourite) came up… and my mood started to pick up.

By the end of our chat about ‘Feminism’ in the glittering world of literature, my optimism had returned. Laughing together and sharing some wonderful resources (listed below) definitely helped—and the ‘Beautiful Queens’ of the Grammys didn’t hurt either.

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