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New year, new conversations

The start of a new year inevitably leads to planning, resolutions, thoughts of new habits and changing old patterns. Whatever your future plans hold, I hope there’s space for all things wordy!

An invitation, not a resolution

There’s been something of a backlash against resolutions this January (Vogue magazine suggests 2021 is the year to finally bin them) and I’m fully onboard with not adding more pressure to an already stressful time. There’s never any need for Literati participants to read/watch/listen to the same material—it’s way more interesting when we all bring something different to the table anyway!

You might listen to a podcast about that meeting’s theme, read a book or article or poem on the idea, watch a performance related to the motif, write your own piece on the subject—or draw from something you’ve previously enjoyed.

The Literati conversations are relaxed, informal ways to share our experiences with all things wordy, not flashbacks to required reading from school. And there are seven opportunities to join in the discussion this coming year.

The 2021 Schedule

Our 2021 meetings have broad themes to inspire wide-ranging conversations:

  • Wednesday, January 27 – Optimism
  • Thursday, March 18 – Feminism
  • Wednesday, May 5 – Humour
  • Thursday, June 24 – Convention and rebellion
  • Wednesday, September 1 – Nature
  • Wednesday, October 27- Beauty
  • Thursday, December 2 – Quiet/silence

Registration is open for the first four sessions now (see the events page) and will open for the final three later in the year.

Happy (pressure-free) lit enjoyment!

Whether your adventures with words involve writing epic poetry, reading comic books, listening to podcasts, binging Gilmore Girls (and marvelling at how the writers cram so many syllables into every scene), or whatever else, I hope you’re easing into the new year. And enjoying stress-free engagement with the glittering world of literature.

Looking forward to another year of interesting, inspiring conversations about the ways words touch our lives.

Header photo adapted from an image by Korney Violin on Unsplash.

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