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Kismet, but wordier

Have you ever met someone whose literary taste align so perfectly with yours that it feels like fate brought you together? Their favourite books are already on your top ten list, their podcast recommendations tickle your fancy, your must-read authors are warmly welcomed on their to-read list.

That’s ‘litmet’ in action!

[ lit-met, -mət ]
uncountable noun
a force that almost magically brings together people with nearly identical literary taste.

We talked about the idea of litmet at the October gathering of The Literati, in between rounding up some beautiful recommendations, and the concept has stuck with me.

While I haven’t experienced this wondrous phenomenon first-hand, I’ve witnessed the joy of litmet in others. Such a union of reading/watching preferences effortlessly expands the glittering world of literature with suggestions that feel tailored perfectly for you. A literary match made in heaven.

Even if destiny doesn’t have a hand in shaping your literary choices, it’s still lovely to be part of a community of readers, writers, and language-lovers with a shared enthusiasm for the written and spoken word.

Last call

The theme for the final Literati gathering of this year is ‘Quiet/silence’ in all things wordy—a bit of a contradiction, but most likely fodder for another spirited round of recommendations! We’ll meet at KOSMOS Buchsalon at 7pm on Thursday, December 2, assuming, of course, public health guidelines allow. KOSMOS adheres to all FOPH measures, so be sure to have your COVID pass ready!

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And who knows, maybe you’ll meet your literary soulmate while talking about the glittering world of literature!

Image adapted from a photo by Eleni Trapp on Unsplash.

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