It’s not an ending… it’s a metamorphosis

All good things come to an end, right? Maybe not… maybe they transition to something new.

The Impromptue community started in 2017 to provide a forum in Zurich that supported women’s ideas and project, to build a community of people with shared values, and a group that women could benefit from and contribute to. And now Impromptue is morphing into something a little different.

In a wonderful coincidence, the topic of conversation for the very first Impromptue stammtisch was ‘transition.’ I wasn’t at I’ve personally at that inaugural meeting, but I’ve certainly felt the support of the Impromptue community. Now, with the blessing of both Elise and Sabra, I’m delighted that the Impromptue community is carrying on as the basis for The Literati.

The rise of The Literati

The Literati will continue to hold meetings in the Zurich area to discuss all things wordy. And perhaps the group will spread to regular virtual meetings and/or other regions.

The Impromptue website is no longer public and the Instagram page will disappear shortly, but the spirit of the community lives on in the newsletter (sign up below). If you wrote a blog post for Impromptue and want an archived copy, please write to—I’ll send you a PDF of the post for posterity. 

Unexpected endings

The next Literati get together in Zurich is on Wednesday, August 26th and, fittingly, the theme is ‘unexpected endings.’ Sign up on the event page and come prepared to share your thoughts about abrupt or unforeseen conclusions in a something you’ve read (a poem, book, article), listened to (a song, podcast, audio book), watched (a play, TV show, movie) or maybe even written yourself.

After the conversation, I’ll create a blog post with all the resources we discussed and share it here. My suspicion is we’ll discover that unexpected endings often lead to wonderful new beginnings—that’s certainly my hope with the metamorphosis of Impromptue into The Literati!

If you’re not already on the Impromptue mailing list, sign up below and stay in the loop as The Literati unfurls its wings.

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2 thoughts on “It’s not an ending… it’s a metamorphosis

  1. Sabra says:

    This is so wonderful, Laura! I look forward to seeing where this new transition takes us- and to more of your excellent facilitation.

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