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Introducing Impromptue Literati

Like many of the women I’ve met at the monthly Impromptue stammtisches, I love reading and writing and discussing those two pursuits—seemingly making a regular book club a great fit. But historically I’ve failed with book clubs. I was even asked (nicely) to leave one because I kept either giving up on the assigned materials or not bothering to read them at all.

The perfect solution is a looser approach. Rather than committing to a regimented schedule of monthly meetings with assigned books, what about something less rigid that fits with Impromptue’s aim to encourage women from all backgrounds to meet, exchange, and learn from each other? Our take on a book club—which we’re calling Impromptue Literati—will get together about six times a year for a discussion about anything language- or word-related—and ideally created by women.

Taking a non-dogmatic approach means that instead of everyone reading the same book and talking about just that text, Impromptue Literati meetings have a theme to guide the discussion. Listen to a podcast about that subject, read a book or article or poem on the topic, watch a performance, experience the written or spoken word in some form—and then share your thoughts.

Maybe that means reading a selection out loud (maximum five minutes), perhaps it’s talking about a relevant play or podcast, or it could be reflecting on a true-life tale or a fictional story—whatever expression of written or spoken word resonates with you and fits with that meeting’s topic. I can almost guarantee that the result will be a spirited exchange and the discovery of new works, mostly by women, that you’ll want to seek out.

Discussing the glittering world of literature—in all its forms—is the intention of Impromptue Literati and our first meeting is on Thursday, October 17 from 18:30 onward at Südhang Weine Oerlikon. The theme is friendship, which could encompass everything from The Color Purple, L’amica geniale (My Brilliant Friend), and Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? to podcast considerations like Call Your Girlfriend and The Call.

The second Impromptue Literati meeting will be Wednesday, December 4 with darkness as its seasonally appropriate theme.

No pressure to meet a monthly reading goal or attend every meeting, no proscribed language or format, no commitment to reading something that isn’t of interest—just a group of women getting together to talk about what they’re reading, listening to, watching, or writing.

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