A relaxed, thematic (not dogmatic) approach to talking about the glittering world of literature.

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How it works

A Literati ambassador selects a theme and arranges an in-person or virtual meeting.

Participants experience the written or spoken word in some form that captures the theme—and we come together to share these treasures through rousing conversation.

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Street signs labelled homework and procrastination atop a red stop sign

It’s not like school

The Literati topics give participants a lot of latitude, preventing feeling like there’s any homework or something you should be reading.

There’s also no commitment to attend every meeting. The hope is that each meeting will be so enjoyable that you’ll want to come to the next one!

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Behind the pages

The Literati was founded by Laura Matheson under the auspices of the Impromptue community in Zurich, Switzerland.

Laura has a background in librarianship, yoga, writing/editing, and usability—and, most importantly, loves talking about all things related to literature and words.

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The inspiration

The Literati group was born through the Impromptue Community, started by Elise Nardin in Fall 2017 “as a side project (…) to enable women to have a community whose values they share, to provide a community they can benefit from and, above all, contribute to.”

Transitioning to a stand-alone group in 2020, The Literati exists to create a community of readers, writers, and language-lovers with a shared enthusiasm about the written and spoken word.

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